Therapy is where we will all be expressing our emotions towards what we feel for Kristen. We will also be discussing her Holinesses UNF-ing hawtness, and how or what you feel towards that.

After reading the many ways in which you may be Addicted2KStew and then realizing that you are in fact Addicted2KStew, is not something that your psych may cope with easily.  For that, we are here to help.

You may now wonder what that feeling is, the shaking that started since you found out the lastest Kristen sighting. That is called excitement. You may also experience this excitement when you’ve seen the last BTS photo of her ELLE UK photo shoot, in HQ. Sometimes it is accompanied with a warm that spreads from your cheeks to your groin. If you then noticed your eyes were focusing more on her ass than her face, and a slight moan escaped your mouth?  You are UNF-ing.


    This spot is for all addicts out there who want to share about their addiction. Your thoughts on Kristen will be shared with others. Therapy will help us all to figure out what Kristen means to us.

    Submit your thoughts to or contact me via Twitter.

    If you don't want to be a patient you can be the therapist. Read and comment!


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