Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart landed in Brazil on Friday (5), Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport in Rio de Janeiro. They arrived at the Copacabana Palace Hotel at around 12pm. A crowd of Fans waited for the actors outside the door.

The car entered the rear of the site. Kristen had slept the whole way between airport and hotel, according to a report of WHO. The actors will film "Breaking Dawn", the fourth film of the Twilight Saga in the neighborhood of Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, and the town of Paraty.

No appointments scheduled for Friday and Saturday (6), the actors will have free time for sightseeing. On Monday (8), they leave by helicopter to Paraty. The initial plan is that loading happens in the helipad of the Lagoon in the South Zone of Rio.

As production has not yet found a suitable location to accommodate the actors in Paraty-Mirim, the team considers the possibility that they make the journey by helicopter every day to the south of the state returning to the Copacabana Palace, where it will initially be hosted until the end filming.
Source: QUEM (translated)

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