A surprising entry into the guitar scene trifecta comes from the Sean Penn movie INTO THE WILD. Emile Hirsch plays Christopher McCandless/Alexander Supertramp in a great turn as the true story of a man who abandoned material possessions, burned or gave away his money to live and eventually die in Alaska. As he makes his way to the frozen North, he stays at a commune with two freethinking lovers played by Catherine Keener (in a great but small performance) and Brian H. Dierker.

At the commune he meets Kristen Stewart’s young character, Tracy Tatro, and she falls hard for him. But alas nothing shall deter Supertramp from his goal, but he does offer to play and sing a song with her. He accompanies on piano, while Kristen Stewart (who proves here and in ADVENTURELAND that she is more than the TWILIGHT movies) plays guitar and sings the John Prine song “Angel from Montgomery.” This song is a sweet, tender country/folk song with a heartbreaking chorus, harmonized well by Hirsch and Stewart, and made me head out to iTunes to buy the song, the Bonnie Raitt version, which is saying a lot… because I hate Alabama.

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