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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart staged romantic scenes on the set of "Breaking Dawn" placed in the neighborhood of Lapa, Rio de Janeiro. To the delight of fans who followed the production, the actors, who also are lovers in real life, exchanged kisses at a moment of the work at about 2:30 am Monday (8).
The first scene done already indicated a more intimate moment between the characters Edward and Bella. The famous vampire in the film has bought a red rose and the hand of his love. The scene was filmed at the sound of saxophones that played "The Girl from Ipanema ', was circulated among several extras that taxis.

The takeover, which anticipated the kiss was closed at 2 am. Soon after, they, who are lovers in fiction and in real life, were holding hands on set. They also heard from the direction guidelines. Some fans tried to approach the liveliest of the actors, but were restrained by security guards who accompanied the work.

Hitters were in place to avoid the glare of photographers. The actors left the set before they run the party closed the scene - just missing the record of the characters entering a taxi. The song "Wonderful Town" was also played. Robert and Kristen returned to the Copacabana Palace at around 3:30 am.

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