Welcome to Addicted2KStew!

This website is made for people who are addicted to the beautiful and talented actress Kristen Stewart. You probably know her since she has been the daughter of Jodie Foster in 'Panic Room' or as Bella Swan from the huge franchise 'Twilight'. Anyways Kristen might be something more than just an actress to you. Maybe she is just like everything to you. If so then you are in the right spot.

It's always hard for addicts to admit they need help... here are the signs you are addicted to Kristen Stewart:

  1. You spend the entire day blogging or tweeting about KStew's activities | whereabouts.
  2. You plan your vacation | day around KStew's appearances | movie premieres.
  3. You cancel your plans to go out so you can watch KStew on live stream | TV | DVD.
  4. After spending hours of watching Vids of KStew you start going through your hair and biting your lips a lot.
  5. You can't finish your work in time because you get distracted by KStew.
  6. Your harddisk is out of capacity because you own more KStew pictures than you have of your family & friends.
  7. You look up KStew's style and want to know where to get the outfit.
  8. You have panic attacks when you can't get your latest KStew news | pics | sightings.
  9. You have a lack of sleep because you are spending your nighttime with KStew. -> always late to work | school | college.
  10. You are thinking about KStew all the time because not thinking of KStew is a mission impossible.
  11. You have a KStew tattoo.
  12. You follow or are followed by people with KStew as their avi.
  13. KStew is your wallpaper.
  14. You handle a bunch of tabs and different media at the same time -> multitasking for KStew.
  15. When you see KStew you are DEAD and ALIVE at once. 
  16. You suddenly get well because KStew is the best med.
  17. You are sitting in front of the TV with a cam in your hands to get screencaps | record a video of KStew.
  18. You can't stand KStew haters.
  19. Your day without KStew sucks. 
  20. You talk more about KStews life than yours.  
  21. You do anything to support KStew.
  22. You have to remind yourself that you like boys.
  23. You try to add Stew in every single word and sentence.
  24. You get a tardy memo for being late at work after watching the Oscar coverage to see KStew.
  25. You search the whole web for KStew news to post them.
  26. You are horny for KStew & words like UNFs come out of your mouth.
  27. You spend your money on random magazines to see KStew in it.
  28. You make new friends because of KStew.
  29. You tweet about KStew even with an IV in your arm.
  30. You open a blockbuster account just to rent a never before seen | not released KStew movie.
31.   You buy KStew tanks & totes.
32.   You pay around $60 for parking to see a screening of KStew movies.
33.   You skip class to see KStew on TV.
34.   You watch 2 KStew movies at the same time on TV and computer | laptop.
35.   You watch all kind of award shows to see KStew.
36.   You download all kind of KStew clips and put them on a portable device like iPod to watch it over & over again.
37.   You have a road trip to see KStew movies.
If you nearly could say yes to every single sign I pointed out then it's official: YOU ARE ADDICTED 2 KSTEW!!!

I highly recommend to check back as often as you can to get your daily dosis of Kristen Stewart to keep it that way. Go to therapy. Cause I am here to help.

Enjoy this website, comment & spread the word.


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