Kristen Stewart is often painted as one of Hollywood’s most awkward starlets—painfully shy, ill-suited to the spotlight and, for better or worse, entwined with the Twilight saga and her embodiment of its romantic heroine, Bella Swan. In Welcome to the Rileys, the 20-year-old actor plays Mallory, a teenage runaway stripper who forms a fast, intense bond with the grief-stricken Doug (James Gandolfini), who lost his daughter in a fatal accident. Together they create an ad hoc family only slightly more dysfunctional than most. We spoke with Stewart about Twilight, Rileys and hanging out in strip clubs.

It's frustrating to say the very least there has not been a Seattle press screening of Welcome to the Rileys as it is set to open in New York, Los Angeles and Boston theaters tomorrow, October 29. I've read a smattering of opinions on the film, both good and bad, and of all things it seems like it is a bit of an emotional ride. However, I'd love to have an opinion of my own to share with you, but while I don't have that, at least I have something to share…

The film stars Kristen Stewart, in a massive departure from the Twilight franchise, as Mallory, a 17-year-old prostitute who forms a platonic bond with Doug (James Gandolfini) during his business trip to New Orleans. Doug and his wife Lois (Melissa Leo) have a marriage that's on the rocks and as he extends his stay to help Mallory, it may end up being the one thing that brings he and his wife back together.

Just below is an exclusive, 92-second red band (definitely not safe for work) clip from the film featuring Mallory and Doug having an argument after one of Mallory's tricks goes bad and she is left empty-handed on the side of the road.

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In some ways, it's a shame that Kristen Stewart is saddled with the ridiculous pressures of the gargantuan Twilight franchise; as Bella Swan, she doesn't have the chance to do more than be a teenager in swooning, epic, vampire love, whereas in other, smaller performances, she has a fascinating intensity. The terrific young actress, a mere twenty-one years old, takes on a very different role in Jake Scott's Welcome to the Rileys—as Mallory, a stripper and sometime hooker in New Orleans, she's the tenderly young, wild and bruised heart at the center of this emotional character study, which follows what happens when Mallory meets a grieving married couple (James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo), who have a deep heartbreak of their own.

At a recent press conference, the actors opened up about what drew them to this small yet potent film.

Kristen Stewart became a household name by playing mortal heroine Bella Swan in the 'Twilight' franchise. But in 'Welcome to the Rileys,' she takes on a much more brazen role. Twi-hards might have to shield their eyes -- because in this compelling drama, Stewart plays foul-mouthed, teenage runaway-turned-stripper Mallory, who forms a platonic friendship with Doug Riley (James Gandolfini), a man who lost his daughter in a car accident eight years prior.

We got a chance to chat with the actress about how she prepared to take on the role of a stripper and her thoughts about wardrobe in the film (she wears some killer high-heeled shoes). Stewart also addressed the Oscar buzz she's garnered for this role and, of course, what she's most looking forward to in the final installment of the Twilight Saga. And we just had to ask what her favorite vampire movie is.

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The media-shy actress talks about her new role as a teen runaway-turned-stripper in the movie that also stars James Gandolfini, but keeps her personal life mostly under wraps.

For once, Kristen Stewart seemed at ease.

The 20-year-old "Twilight" star was enjoying a rare moment of anonymity at one of her favorite restaurants, a rustic hideaway shrouded by a canopy of ferns, perched alongside a twisty road in Topanga Canyon. Notices for a local farmers market, a childbirth preparation class and a 70th birthday celebration for John Lennon decorated the haunt's bulletin board.

A few honeybees circled the veggie burger on her plate as she chatted about playing a teenage runaway-turned-stripper in her latest film, "Welcome to the Rileys," a drama coming to theaters Friday. She wasn't running her hands through her hair, or incessantly shaking her leg, or stuttering as she tried to express herself — all of the characteristic nervous tics she's often displayed in public since the first "Twilight" film rocketed her into a frightening orbit of celebrity two years ago.



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