Over the last couple of weeks, The Hollywood Cog has given me a few scoops that fall in the “interested” category, which is to say: The actors are “interested” in these particular projects, but they are not attached, they are not signed, and the projects themselves — while in development — have not even been greenlit. When an actors marks himself down as “interested,” it basically means he or she is saying, “Hey! The pitch sounds cool. Send my agent the script when it’s finished, and I’ll take a look.” One of those “interested” stories was Sandra Bullock and Steve Carell being interested in Tom Perotta’s Abstinence Teacher, which has already been reported elsewhere. These potential casting notes fall under that same category — they’re iffy, at best. So, if you must label, then label the following as rumors, though interesting ones:
Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are producing a Peter Craig scripted flick Little America, which is bizarrely being described as a cross between Black Dog and Speed. It’s about a 16-year-old prostitute who inadvertently kills a gang member, and then must go on the run. She hitches a ride with a truck driver who is hauling a lethal toxin. The truck driver and the prostitute bond during the chase. Kristen Stewart is interested in the role of prostitute, while Josh Brolin is interested in the role of the truck driver.

Source: Pajiba via InspiredbyKStew

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