The Impact
Kristen Stewart, Melissa Leo and James Gandolfini deserve to be recognized for their performances in Welcome to the Rileys. Samuel Goldwyn films inherited Welcome to the Rileys after its original distributor Apparition, fell apart. 

The film was getting lots of awards buzz after the festivals, but Anne Thompson, a respected Hollywood expert, made it obvious that due to the distributors lack of juice, Welcome to the Rileys no longer had a shot at the awards it deserved. It IS NOT fair that the distributors lack of power or funding should be the reason the actors do not get nominated. We the fans learned that the studio will not be pushing for awards due to the costs associated with campaigning.  Almost every audience member who has seen the film raves about the film. They all agree that the performances are spectacular. Many people have stated that they have seen this film multiple times due to the performances.

We have looked into the cost of placing advertisements in the trade magazines and online like the studios do when pushing commercial films. It is very expensive indeed. We would like to raise enough money to place 3 ads. We would place 2 ads in print and 1 ad online. We would also like to assist in the cost of sending out DVD's to the voters. (although we have not discussed this with anyone involved with the film yet)

These ad's would bring the film to the voters attention. This would give the actors a fair shot at nominations with some of the other films with award campaign budgets in the millions of dollars. We also believe that the sheer nature of what we are doing will also raise attention to the cause. 

What We Need 
We need $50,000 to get the word out there to the members of the academy so they can all see the incredible performance given by Kristen. Whatever money is raised will go toward this goal.

Other Ways
You Can HelpGo and see the movie and bring all your friends and family!  Review on every site you can find: Rotten Tomatoes, Flixster, Meta Critic

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