Kristen Stewart is a part of my RL. Evidence? Allow me to share my experience then. Oh, before I proceed, I want to play with words related to Kristen. I want to pull that KStew metadata out of you and let you be the one to point out those words. Now, let’s put to test that addiction, shall we?

In real life, part of my job is to give orientations/talks/discussions. One fine Friday, I was tasked to handle a group of College students. I was a bit early for such engagement, and then suddenly my addiction to KStew crept in.
Updates, I badly need it. Twitter. I opened a few tabs for KStew twatter accounts and some links. I kept on updating as they were filling in the venue. Then, I have heard someone said, “Is that Bella? The girl from the Twilight movie?” Immediately, my eyes began the search to catch that kid who asked. As soon as our eyes met, I smiled at her. But her fingers were pointing towards the center, my eyes follow it and yes, the multimedia projector is on! I almost ran similar to a panic room for security or make myself turn into a frozen Lisa from Zathura because I feel like I’ve been thrown into the wild! I cringe internally but decided to hold my ground in the land of women and men before me. So, I stood straight up, smiled genuinely at them, turned my lapel microphone on and said, “Yes, she is. But her real name is Kristen Stewart.”

It was followed with questions about her, and I almost have to wave a yellow handkerchief to slow it down a bit. The links they are seeing in front doesn’t help that much. They were surprised to see MalloryStew because the updates I saw then were for Welcome to the Rileys. Of course, I have to proceed with my topic and good thing I know just how to make a smooth transition from one topic to another. I all but thanked the heavens I am gifted when it comes to public speaking. At the end of my presentation, I have greeted them a “Happy Friday” and reflected towards the screen is a SmileyStew I have saved via my USB. Then, some of the students passed me by the door and greeted me in return with a Happy Friday, then looked at the screen and said, “Kristen Stewart”, then returned their glance at me and said, thank you and we learned a lot today. With that, my heart flutter and I know I did well on that day.

Now, it is but okay to make such a slip in front of the students, but a panel is present at the moment (fierce people if I may say so). They will be the messengers weather I passed or not. When it’s time for my evaluation, I thought the first thing they would ask me was, what just happened? I almost felt like it was new moon all of a sudden and that the darkness will envelop me right there. But since my presentation was beyond good according to them, I was forgiven. The totality of the presentation somehow eclipsed my slip and I almost took them to Adventureland just to show my gratefulness upon their verdict.

Since we are in a therapy here, my decision to follow through by the time I was somehow caught off guard leads me to a place wherein I have the power to make this situation twist into a positive side. I saw a path wherein I can make them see even a slightest part of the “we get it” thing. Who knows, maybe one day they will have the eyes for her the way we do or they are on the road to know her and her works. After all, it starts with a little introduction.

So, if you are addicted2KStew, speak. You will be heard.

And my last words to end this are for her...

Dear Kristen, I vaguely remember an interview you did before regarding the fans and you felt like we were here because of Twilight and once it’s done, that’s it. Well, this I say, the saga may end, but the Kristen Stewart Fans REMAINS. We have been here before and will continue to be here only for you.

10/1/2010 11:37:24 pm


How embarrassing, I laughed a lot when i read what happened. Things like that have often happened to me as I am usually multi-tasking several things at once. Good for you that you didn't panic. I would hope that i could react in such a laid back manner, although i think my bright red face would be a giveaway :)

I look forward to reading more, good for you!

10/2/2010 12:13:33 pm

aw Nhess I loved reading this<3

Stuff like that has happened 2 me b4 lol

Kristen is amazing & so are you =]


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