Am I addicted to Kristen Stewart? That would be a resounding YES! So much that when I found out that Welcome to the Riley's would be screening at the Aspen Film Festival I nearly hyperventilated. The mission to get tickets, and get there was on.

I stalked the Aspen Film Fest web page every day until they announced when tickets would go on sale. Also started working on places to stay and how much time I needed to take off of work. You see I live 4 hours away from Aspen so this meant, you got it. ROAD TRIP!!

Getting tickets was actually a bit difficult my card would not go through for some reason, and being the Kristen Stewart addict that I am, I was panicking that the movie would sell out before I could purchase tickets. I was up ‘til 4 am praying and waiting for my card to go through. Finally success.

The day of the movie my niece and I traveled 4 hours through heavy city traffic then over a 12,095 foot mountain pass, with cliffs, drop offs and hairpin turns. We ended up skipping lunch because I was worried that we would be late, I wasn't about to miss a minute of this movie. On the humorous side we ended up having a couple of hours to spare.

So we waited, I kept my eyes glued on the door to the theater, eager to jump up and go in as soon as they allowed us to enter. I was actually very surprised at the number of older people that were lining up. Again I began to panic that we had to the wrong location or date, I assume the panic is part of the addiction. In any case it ended up just being a very diverse group of people, and my panic was unwarranted.

Finally the moment I had been planning and waiting for was here. We went into the theater and were seated. Just another side observation. A Kristen Stewart addiction comes with the side effect of fierce protectiveness. While the person introducing the movie was speaking kindly of the cast, she had the nerve to refer to Kristen as, yes, "that vampire girl“. I growled, but thankfully the sound was drowned out by clapping.

The movie starts and I am enraptured for the next couple of hours. Her performance was no less than I thought it would be. In fact even more than I could of hoped for. She was amazing, glorious in her portrayal of a broken, lost, and runaway. She captured every emotion, from sexy, to vulnerable and everything in between. She was funny without trying, and having emotional crying, screaming meltdowns that make your heart ache. Her interaction with James Gandolfini, and Melissa Leo was spot on. Everyone in the theater laughed at the lighter scenes and was very attentive during the rest of the movie. We all clapped as the movie ended. There were several murmurs of praise for Kristen’s performance, and of course how beautiful she is.

As we exited the theater, I felt like I was on a Kristen Stewart high, but like the addict I am. I was ready for the next hit. I anxiously await the release of Welcome to the Riley's on October 29th. I know being fellow Kristen Stewart addicts you’ll feel the same when you see her in this film.

Written by @RPnKSaddict

10/10/2010 12:07:24 am

Wow~ What a devoted fan you're. I'm happy for Kristen for having such a loyal fan~~~

10/12/2010 06:23:13 am

I CANT WAIT TO SEE IT!!! especially her meltdowns!!! it october 29th yet??




How about now?!

7/12/2011 05:13:07 pm

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