Therapy is where we will all be expressing our emotions towards what we feel for Kristen. We will also be discussing her Holinesses UNF-ing hawtness, and how or what you feel towards that.

After reading the many ways in which you may be Addicted2KStew and then realizing that you are in fact Addicted2KStew, is not something that your psych may cope with easily.  For that, we are here to help.

You may now wonder what that feeling is, the shaking that started since you found out the lastest Kristen sighting. That is called excitement. You may also experience this excitement when you’ve seen the last BTS photo of her ELLE UK photo shoot, in HQ. Sometimes it is accompanied with a warm that spreads from your cheeks to your groin. If you then noticed your eyes were focusing more on her ass than her face, and a slight moan escaped your mouth?  You are UNF-ing.
Some girls might not feel comfortable at first about that. ‘OMG! Did I Just UNF at Kristen? What does that mean?” Calm down. Sit back and breathe before you hyperventilate.  There is no need for questioning your sexuality right away. Having a celebrity crush on an actress is normal. Though, saying it out loud might not make you seem sane to others. 

With that said, fan boys don’t worry. We know you’re out there and that you are freaking out because you are just as excited about Kristen as us girls.  We’ll work on helping you admit that you’re a fan of the Saga as well. That way when Breaking Dawn comes out you won’t be ashamed to be camping out with thousands of other girls… or admitting to using the excuse that you’re little sister couldn’t stay out there for three days all by herself.  We’ll have you standing proud by that red carpet, screaming for a pic with Kristen, in a Dead or Alive T-shirt in no time.

We’re even going to address the dangers of being Addicted2KStew. The stalkers.  The lurkers.  ‘The ones who do it with no class.’  You’ve seen or heard of a few of them.  The ones who find out where Kristen will be, then drop everything they’re doing to rush over to where she is just to see if it’s true…  just to disclose her location! Those Addicted2KStew people need straight jackets and we have the psych ward on speed dial just for them. Please email us.

Moving on! There may be times also when you feel like you should be doing something, but can’t quiet remember what that something is. Yet later on when you find yourself online and checking Google and/or Twitter for the latest sighting or info on Kristen, you realize that feeling of ‘something’ is no longer there. That something is called anxiety. You were probably on edge and jumpy all day, snapping at people until you realized you missed nothing. Yet you feel 100% better because Kristen wasn’t harassed by Papz and Welcome to the Riley’s is still premiering a week early.

We can and will discuss this all in GREAT detail. One more thing before we go…

There are some DIEHARDS out there as well that need to be taken into account.  They are the driving for force behind Addicted2KStew.  They simply do not give a fuck and need NO therapy what so ever! They create sites about Kristen and her movies, like this one.  They show up at events and fan girl.  When they see Kristen out on her ‘down time,’ they keep their distance and appreciate from afar. They camp out with pride and get her name TATTOED on there bodies!  They are behind your screen writing these words for you to read!

Being Addicted2KStew is something GREAT and if you’ve realized you are addicted and don’t really give a shit who cares… then WELCOME.

Still scared to say you’re Addicted2KStew, email us and we’ll help you ADDRESS those issues.
9/9/2010 12:21:56 pm

Hi, my name is MP, and I'm addicted 2 KStew! *raises hand and does a little wave*

9/10/2010 03:08:29 am

(stands up and smiles) Hi I am addicted to KStew and enjoying every minute of it.Thank you.(sits back down)

9/11/2010 08:32:26 am

Hi! I'm Julie and I'm a KStew addict. :-)Proud of it too!!

9/11/2010 12:03:35 pm

I an definetely a KStew addict, I've seen every movie she has been in, and I support any poll she is in and I vote for her until my fingers are bleeding. I love the woman and I'm very proud of it.

10/2/2010 12:37:12 am

Kristen is my biggest celebrity & girl crush. I'm very proud to be her fans.

12/21/2010 11:40:33 pm

OMG i'm addicted2Kstew and i'm proud!
Nonbody get's me but I don't mind XD


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